Detention Pond Repair & Rehabilitation

Let’s face it, regular maintenance on a detention pond will do wonders to keep it looking presentable and in good shape. (as “presentable” as a large hole in the ground can look) However, we sometimes come across a pond that is too far gone to mow without the risk of falling into a cavern or rut. Or we find a “dry” detention pond that looks as though you can catch some nice fish in it. 

At this point, we need to take a more in-depth look at not only the obvious problem, but more importantly, what caused the caverns or the pond to hold water in the first place?

At Stormwater Professionals Group, we specialize in troubleshooting these issues and have a multitude of tools and techniques, and the experience necessary, to fix these problems sustainably. 

We’ll even put together a maintenance program for you to follow to prevent this from happening again.

Call today for a no cost site assessment.  We’ll provide a detailed analysis including photos, and if we see evidence of a soil issue we can even provide free soil analysis to determine why the vegetation is not growing or being taken over by undesirable growth.


Aqua-Filter Installation