Detention Pond Maintenance And Mowing

If you have a detention pond, you are probably familiar with how quickly things can get out of hand without regular maintenance.

Overgrowth will lead to clogging, and clogging will lead you right to a static, wet, mosquito, and reptile-infested mess!

But thankfully, maintenance doesn’t have to be a mystery, we don’t have to guess at it, and it doesn’t need to be costly to implement. 

We use Texas A&M recommendations for turfgrass maintenance and management as a guideline for mowing, fertilizing, and overseeding.  And let’s face it, the Aggies know what they’re talking about when it comes to this area of expertise.

You can find the guidelines that we follow here.  

Contact us today, and we’ll come out to assess your pond and put together a simple maintenance plan that will keep you in compliance and prevent you from having to spend thousands on costly repairs down the road.


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