Stormwater Filtration System | TCEQ Approved for the Edwards Aquifier

Aqua-Filter™ Stormwater Filtration System is a post-construction flow-through water quality device custom designed to remove fine-grained sediment, heavy metals bound to particulate matter and residual oil by utilizing a treatment train approach. AquaFilter™ technology incorporates a hydrodynamic separation chamber (Aqua-Swirl™) for pretreatment and a separate chamber to provide filtration treatment. Aqua-Filter™ stormwater treatment and filtration devices from our Houston team are available in two choices of high performance construction materials depending on project-specific needs:

Polymer Coated Steel (PCS)
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

The modular construction of the Aqua-Filter™, combined with the use of lightweight and durable materials, eliminates the need for heavy lifting equipment during installation. Fabrication facilities are located throughout the U.S. to better serve our customers by providing cost-effective and timely logistical solutions for SWPPP construction concerns in Houston. Aqua-Filter™ systems are typically installed in an offline configuration, but can be designed for inline (online) installations where allowed by local regulations. Each unit includes lifting supports and stub-outs for the inlet and outlet piping to each component which allows for quick and simple connection to the conveyance storm pipe. Inspection and maintenance activities on these stormwater treatment and SWPPP construction systems in Houston are easily performed from the surface. A vacuum truck is typically used to perform maintenance on the swirl chamber while filter replacement requires personnel entry to the filtration chamber.