Stormwater Treatment System

Aqua-Swirl® Stormwater Treatment System is a custom engineered, post-construction flow-through water quality device designed to remove coarse sediment, debris and free floating oil by utilizing hydrodynamic separation technology. Aqua-Swirl® technology is a modular high flow rate treatment system that has no moving parts and operates under gravity flow conditions within a single swirl chamber.

 Aqua-Swirl® systems are available in various models based on stormwater performance requirements:



Trash Capture

 ​All Aqua-Swirl® models are manufactured from lightweight high performance construction materials depending on project-specific location and needs.

 The small footprint design combined with these lightweight and durable materials, eliminates the need for heavy lifting equipment during installation.

Fabrication facilities are strategically located in the United States and England to better serve our customers by providing cost-effective and timely logistical solutions.

 ​Each unit includes lifting supports and stub-outs for the inlet and outlet piping to allow for quick and simple connection to the conveyance storm pipe. Traffic rated manhole frame & cover.

 ​Inspection and maintenance activities are easily performed from the surface without the need for confined space entry or special equipment. A vacuum truck is typically used to clean the swirl chamber.